In Search Of A Spider is the third quest given by the Sea Hunter and thus the third quest in the Sea Hunter's Guild quest line.

Description Edit

Obtain a spider's heart from a small or large spider.

— Journal

Walkthrough Edit

To start this quest, talk to the Sea Hunter and choose In Search Of A Spider. He will say the following:

In Search Of A Spider


To truly be called a Sea Hunter, you'll need to master your skills in the dark. For your next task, I want you to hunt down and kill some spiders. These creatures can only be found wandering islands at night. I want you to bring me a spider's heart as proof of the task completed.

The heart can be plucked out of the little ones but is more difficult to access and less common. You might have better luck with the larger spiders, should you feel up to it.

Upon starting the quest, the Spider's Heart will have a chance to be looted off Small Spiders and Large Spiders. Simply hunt around uninhabited islands at night and kill a few until it drops, then return to any Sea Hunter to finish the quest, by choosing the same dialogue option. He will say the following once you finish the quest:

Deliver the heart.


Wonderful job! I knew you had it in you. As promised, you can now buy some new gear. Talk to me when you're ready for another challenge.

Rewards Edit