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Land Of The Living is the second quest in the In Search Of A Scimitar quest chain, and is given by the Sea Scholar, instead of the Sea Collector.

Description Edit

Look for a magnifying glass in a pirate chest and return it to the Sea Scholar.

— Journal

Walkthrough Edit

Although this quest chain began via the Sea Collector, it continues by talking to the Sea Scholar.

When you give the Ancient Treasure Instructions to the Sea Scholar, choosing the dialogue option 'Ask about Ancient Treasure Instructions', he will tell you the following:

Ask about Ancient Treasure Instructions


Yes, can I help you? Ah, you'd like me to decipher some ancient text for you. Well I do pride myself on such abilities. However, as you know services around here aren't free. you'll have to do something for me first.

Recently in my old age I've been having a difficult time seeing. There is a tool called a magnifying glass that should help with my vision. If you bring that to me, I'll finish deciphering the text.

I hear you can find them in some pirate chests. Apparently there are captains who take a fancy to reading. Who would have thought?

This will begin this quest, in which you must acquire a Magnifying Glass.

The Magnifying Glass can be found in any Strorage Chest on Pirate Camp islands, making it relatively easy to find.

Once you've found it, return to the Sea Collector, choosing '?' and he will say the following:




Reward Edit