Common Tool
A lantern to light your path.

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Merchant Sells: never
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A Lantern is a lightsource and when equipped, it's placed in the left hand. It's constantly lighting and compared to the torch, it will never go out. If the player equip the Lantern and then equip certain weapons like the Mighty Axe or a bow, the Lantern will be put away. This is because the weapon requires both hands.


A Lantern is a Quest Reward from The Loony Light (aka Lantern Quest) from the Merchant.

Trivia Edit

  • Lantern will not un-light under water or if the player is submerged In it.
  • Lantern can be used with Pickaxes.
  • Lantern go out if you advance time by Resting.
  • Lantern will not protect you against Poison Effect.

The Lantern is one of a few items in Salt that can produce light. The items that can produce light are:

Gallery Edit

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