Lenvell's Log
common Lore Book
A dusty old tome.

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Lenvell's Log

Today I found something strange. I was wandering the woods, minding my own business and I came across this book. The book was lying up against a tree, almost as if someone had walked off and forgot it. I thought to myself that it might be behoove me to leave the tome where it lay, but my curiosity got the better of me. I had to know what was inside.

As I opened the book I realized it was a journal. The author never mentioned their name, so I don't know who exactly it belonged it. I began to read through the pages. As I did, a very interesting story started to unfold. This person had apparently been a member of an unpleasant group of people that practiced dark and strange arts. He had been initiated as a young child and grew up within the cult, not knowing much else.

As the child grew older he began to question the rituals and ceremonies performed by this group he was indoctrinated in. Evil and darkness surrounded them wherever they went. He began to plan his escape out. He eventually escaped the group, but before he did, he stole something of theirs. In his journal he mentions this strange skull. He goes at length about the dangers of the artifact and how it is a main source of their power. He felt that the skull was a terrible and evil influence on the world and needed to be destroyed, though he did not know how. Since he had no information on how to destroy the skull, he stole it and hid it away.

In the journal, he describes where he hid the skull in vague terms. It mentions a particular island and rock that he could conceal the item in. I know such a rock.

Now I'm not one to believe in coincidences but of all people to find such a book, well...I tremor at the thought. From what this person says about the skull, it needs to be destroyed. I have intent to dabble in such things, and so it would do no good for me to seek it out on my own. I need to find someone capable of completing such a task. I must begin my search.

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