Lilly's Lockbox is a side quest given by the Composer after turning in the Lilly's Note to him. The player will need to solve a riddle to open the box for the quest reward.

Walkthrough Edit

When the player has the Lilly's Note in his inventory, he can turn it in to the Composer by choosing the dialogue option "Give him the note."

Give him the note.


This's from Lilly? Oh my. I can't think of anything more valuable than this. You have truly outdone yourself. Here, I have something for you. I've been holding on to these for a long time but I think it's time I pass them on.

About a year ago I came across two odd boxes. After some research I discovered they are what the scholars call Riddle Boxes. No one knows who made these or where they came from but it has been discovered that they require specific coins to open.

The riddle on these two boxes has to do with the elements. Knowing this I set out to obtain the associated coins and I have finally found them: earth, air, fire, and water. Unfortunately I still haven't solved the riddle and Im too afraid to use the coins I have.

According to the scholars, the riddle boxes will only reveal their contents if the correct coin is inserted. Put in the wrong coin and the box will dissipate.

Here, yon take these boxes and the riddle. I only have two boxes yon'll have a couple tries. I hope that yon find something valuable inside.

The player will lose Lilly's Note, and receive:

The player will need to read the Riddle of Elements to determine the order of the 4 elements and combine the fourth one with the riddle box to open it. However, crafting with the wrong coin will result in the box breaking into Dust.

The player can get:

  • Robe of Riddles (epic torso armor that provides adornment)
  • Ukulele (rare instrument that increases adornment on use)

Trivia Edit

  • If the player can turn in 2 Lilly's Notes, he will receive 4 Riddle Boxes. There will be no difficulty to solve the puzzle, since the player can try out all of the combinations.

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