Luthor is a legendary, powerful tiger that can only be found on Jungle Islands. Even though Luthor is a Tiger, Luthor is a little bigger and a bit more orange colored than his subjectives.

Luthor is much more dangerous than the regular Tiger, endures more damage as well as being more rapid per attack. Luthor is considered being a "Quest Boss" because of his rare existence, fearsome attacks and the "boss music" that starts to play once the player is close enough to him.

Combat Edit

Luthor does tons of damage per hit, and uses 2 types of effects (that we on the Wiki decided to name): "Flurry Attack" and "Luthor Sprint". During combat, Luthor will use both of these stats. The "Flurry Attack" will rapidly increase his attack rate, and "Luthor Sprint" likely increases his movement speed. Each of these effects lasts 10 seconds.

It's highly advised to be armed with damaging arrows (e.g. Hunter's Arrows, Poison Arrows and otherwise Hardstone Arrows) to do as much ranged damage as possible before engaging in melee combat. Strong Bandages and White Flower Potions are vital, but so is also dodging and blocking.

The beast also behave like the Tiger in terms of running away when his health is under 25%. If he does, he will despawn (if there's enough distance between him and the player) and reappear in a different location, not too far from the player. If this happens, there is also a chance of him not attacking anymore, but behave more like any Deer, and run away when the player is within spotting-range, forcing the player to chase him down.

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Trivia Edit

  • According to a book named Tales Of Luthor, Luthor is easier to be found at night (this information has not been proved in-game).
  • Luthor and regular tigers will only spawn once per island and will ragdoll when defeated. Luthor is considered one tiger spawn, but spawn a lot less common than Tigers do.
  • Heroic Luthor is an even more dangerous version.

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