Old Pirate Ship
Common Boats
A derelict pirate ship still capable of sailing the seas.

{{{DamageMultiplier}}}x Damage Multiplier
{{{DrawSpeed}}} Draw Speed
{{{ArrowSpeed}}} Arrow Speed
{{{Pierce}}} Pierce
{{{RetrieveChance}}} Retrieve Chance
Bait Consumed Chance: {{{BaitConsumedChance}}}%
{{{CritChance}}} Critical Hit Chance
{{{CritMultiplier}}}x Critical Hit Multiplier
Primary: {{{Primary}}}
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On Block:
Health Points: {{{Health}}}
Resistances: {{{Resistances}}}
Weaknesses: {{{Weaknesses}}}
{{{CombatStaminaExaustionDuration}}} Stamina Exhaustion Recovery Speed
{{{CombatStaminaRecoveryDuration}}} Stamina Regeneration
{{{MaxCombatStamina}}} Max Stamina
{{{MaxHealth}}} Max Health
{{{HealthRegen}}} Health Regeneration
{{{Strength}}} Strength
{{{PoisonResistance}}} Poison Resistance
{{{Adornment}}} Adornment
{{{Food}}} Food
{{{ChanceConsumed}}}% Chance Consumed

  • Cabins: 1
  • Size: Big
  • Speed: Medium (1.44 units/min)
  • Set Bonus: (1/{{{SetSize}}})
    {{{PhysicalArmor}}} Armor
    {{{Weight}}} Weight
    Used to create: {{{Creates}}}
    Contains: {{{Contains}}}
    Crafted By: {{{CraftedBy}}}
    Author: {{{Author}}}
    Merchant Sells: never
    Source: Repair for 40 Wood Log, 10 Hardwood Log, 8 Cloth Swatch, 10 Plant Fibers
    Drops: {{{Drops}}}
    GoldCoinMiniIcon 100

    The Old Pirate Ship is a common Boat found near certain pirate inhabited islands. It can be spotted by its mast and profile from very far away. It requires repairs to be made functional.

    Large amounts of Wood, Hardwood, Plant Fibers, and Cloth are needed. These ships also contain a Storage Chest inside what appears to be the captain's quarters, however after the ship is repaired- it disappears. Once fixed, the Old Pirate Ship it will be added to your boat inventory and can then on be used as any other ship in the game. Note that the Storage Chest will be lost with it's items when the ship is repaired.


    Repair the boat by interacting with the ship helm. To repair it, you must have all of the following materials:

    Variations Edit

    There are two color variations of this ship currently known: A dark-red colored ship and a black colored ship. Both variations can be found by traveling around the map and simply finding them in the water. Both of the versions are obtained the same way and have the same attributes/stats (Speculation) and are therefore listed on this page as the same ship.

    Trivia Edit

    • Even though it's 2 versions of the ship, the black-colored one is harder to come by and is therefore considered rare in the boat inventory overview. The black Old Pirate Ship also has a different icon in the boat menu.


    • Although you can create and place a Deck Fire Pit that allows a player to rest and having a light-source, it's only for a short period and it needs combustible like Flintstone and Wood Log each time you ignite it. If you can, it's better to create and place a Bed so that you may rest at will. Craft a Torch Holder and insert a Torch in it to produce light, as it will never be consumed when in a Torch Holder.


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