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Orders From Buffbeard
common Lore Book
A journal detailing the orders of a pirate captain.

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The Orders From Buffbeard is a common book in Salt. It can be obtained by looting the dead pirate on the original island.

Source Edit

  • Original Isalnd




Entry 1

Being an initiate, Captain Buffbeard has sent me on a mission to pillage and plunder as much as I can in the next few days. He says if I gather enough gold and valuables, that he will consider letting me join his crew. With his orders I plan on visiting as many islands as I can and killing anyone that hets in my way! It is the pirates way after all.

The Captain said that I was to look for him on a island with wood stumps and orange tinted grass when I had enough goods. I will hurry and complete this mission. Buffbeard is not a patient man.

- Witlow

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