Percy's Diary is a common book in Salt. It can be found on dead poachers.

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  • Percy


Entry 1

Mother would be proud of me! Nobody though ol' Percy would ever amount of to anything. Well, I showed them! Joined me a band of brother I did. The company took me in and thought me the ways of poachin'. I love being a part of this new group! I can't wait to see what sorts of position they have in mind for me.

Entry 2

Today is my first official day on the job. Our group's leader, Tristan, has given me a task. He says I am special and, as such, fit for a special assignment. Oh how it pleases my ears to hear such words! I always knew I was special and fit for greatness.

Tristan has given me the task of luring out the tiger we are hunting. He says that without me, the whole mission would fail. I am to be tied up to a tree while the other members hide out in the bushes and wait for the tiger to come. Tristan says only someone of my specialty could do a task such as this. And I must say, I've come to agree with him. I am rather special and we can't have any ol' fool messin up this job! Only someone of my capabilities could do such a thing. I've told Tristan that I'd gladly do it. He says we are to start first thing in the morning.

I sure can't wait to make my company proud!