Philosophical Pursuit is the fifth quest given by the Sea Scholar and unlocks the final tier of items to purchase from the Sea Scholar upon completion.

Dialogue Edit

Philosophical Pursuit


Well well. You have certainly moved your way up the ranks. I've got one more task for you if you think you can handle it.

I'm looking for a book to finish off my philosophical collection. The book is titled "Life, Death, and the Sea." There weren't very many of these books written and so they are quite rare. I believe high ranking pirates may have obtained some copies. My sources tell me there's a pirate known as an Elite Captain that resides on islands with pirate strongholds. Perhaps he has one on him or has one stored in a chest nearby.

Bring me this, and you will truly be a Sea Scholar. Oh, and be careful. These pirates are not to be underestimated.

Walkthrough Edit

Find your way to a Pirate King Settlement and look for pirate villages. The Pirate Elite Captains are usually found around those villages. They can be a real threat to undergeared adventurers, so be careful! Kill a few of them until you find the book "Life, Death and the Sea".

Return it to any Sea Scholars to complete the quest.

Rewards Edit