Pirate-0 Pirate
Common Pirates
Primary: unknown
Health Points: 55
Resistances: Unknown.
Weaknesses: Poisonable

Pirates are the most common enemy in Salt, and most likely the first enemy the player will encounter. Pirates attack with axes and do very little damage. Crafting a regular club will suffice to kill a pirate with a few hits.

Pirates appear almost everywhere in Salt. A player will know if a pirate is on an Island if there is a campfire that is not made by the player on that particular Island. The number of campfires on an Island can vary from 1-4 campfires and the more campfires, the more likely it is that there are more pirates on it. The more pirates you encounter on 1 Island, the more likely it is that there is a Pirate Captain there as well, and even accompanied by other kinds of pirates like Pirate Cartographers or The Captain's Navigator (higher chance if there is a Pirate Captain there).

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