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These islands do have pirates on them but can have quite a varying amount. These islands vary in sizes from tiny to huge, and also based on the factor of its size- whether if there a pirate village or not. Islands like these have a chance of having a repairable Old Pirate Ship next to the island, as an indicator that the pirates there are stranded.
Bonfires at night

Pirate camp seen at night

There are usually 1-3 Campfires that spawn on these islands. Each fireplace is guarded by pirates of different types, such as common Pirates, pirate cartographers and pirate captains. Rarely, a chest can be found away from pirate camps which requires a bronze chest key to open, which is commonly dropped by pirates.

Wood piles can be found near the fireplaces. Collecting them usually gives 1-3 wood logs and have a chance of containing Hardwood Logs as well.

Pirate camp islands can be spotted far away, as smoke from campfires is indicating pirates on that particular island. The more campfires, the more pirates.

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