Not to be confused with Boss Pirate Captains:

Bobo, Rosebernard, Bulgeye, or Buffbeard

Pirate Captain Edit

PirateCaptain Pirate Captain
Unnamed Pirate Captain
Uncommon Pirate
Primary: unknown
Health Points: 165
Resistances: Unknown.
Weaknesses: Poisonable

The Pirate Captain is more challenging than most of the regular pirates and alot less common to come across.

Captains do alot of damage and endure alot of hits themselves, which makes a Captain a real challenge. They appear on Pirate Islands and are usually close to the huts that exist there. Captains are never alone on Islands. They are very likely accompanied by regular pirates, Pirate Cartographers, The Captain's Navigator or Pirate Shipwrights.

Known drops: Edit

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