ShortSwordIcon Pirate Short Sword
A short blade used by common pirates.
Uncommon Weapon
Primary: 13 Slash 45 Delay
Secondary: 15 Slash 45 Delay (20 Stamina).
On Block:
15 armor
-10 CombatStaminaRegenRate
2 Stamina consumed per damage
Sell Price: 15
Merchant Sells: never
Drops From:

The pirate sword is only obtained by looting Pirates or Storage Crates. It is suprisingly common despite that it's supposedly uncommon.

The pirate sword is a fair weapon in use against common pirates but without proper Armor, it will barely do against thougher Enemies, such as Pirate Battlemasters, Pirate Bosses or Jungle Island enemies.

Despite not being the best weapon there is to find, it's currently one of the best options of weapons in the "uncommon" category.

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