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Poachers Everywhere is the first quest given by the Huntsman.

Dialogue Edit

Poachers Everywhere


Poachers! Poachers everywhere. Not that it matters. This is my jungle after all. Though their spears are as pesky as the mosquitos nibbling at my ankles. But just like the mosquitos, I have come up with a remedy for their nagging. Problem is, I've run out of the required ingredients.

Ask about required ingredients.


There's a rare bud that can be found in the jungle. If you combine it with a white flower, it should make a fine remedy. Bring me one of these potions before I go on a murderous rage against the poachers that invade my land.

Walkthrough Edit

Combine a Jungle Bud and a White Flower to create an Healing Recoil Potion. The white flower is very common on uninhabited islands, while the jungle bud can rarely be found on the ground of jungle islands. Alternatively, it can be found on dead Pirate Elite Herbalist. Return the potion to the huntsman to complete the quest.

Reward Edit