Poem From A Pirate is the second quest given by the Sea Scholar. It is the second quest of the Sea Scholars's Guild questline, and unlocks the second tier of items to purchase from the Sea Scholar upon completion.

Description Edit

Obtain the book Castle on the Hill from a Pirate Captain.

— Journal

Quest Dialogue Edit

Beginning the quest:

Poem From A Pirate


Ready for another assignment? Good.

I'd like you to get another book for me. Well, actually this one is more of a poem. My information tells me that the book is currently in possession of a Pirate Captain. Not sure how a Captain would come into one of these poems, nor why he would care. Maybe he has a soft spot?

At any rate, find a Pirate Captain and see if he has the book I want. It's called Castles on the Hill. Bring it to me when you're done.

Walkthrough Edit

Upon returning the book from Turtle Theft, the Sea Scholar will direct you to find Castle on the Hill.

The book will spawn on any Pirate Captain encountered on Pirate Islands. It has a high drop rate so kill a few of them until it drops, then return to any Sea Scholar to finish the quest.

Rewards Edit