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In Salt quests are being given by Merchants, Treasure Hunters, The Innkeeper, The Huntsman and the Fisherman. These are the only quest giving NPC's in Salt that the player converse with. There are other quests in the game, but is more "camouflaged", e.g: Step-by-step on how to find and defeat The Dark Guardian.

Merchants can be found scattered across islands in wooden huts. Each merchant currently gives only one quest, yet a single quest can be given by several merchants at different locations.

The Innkeeper can be found in inns scattered across islands. The same innkeeper will appear at any Inn you visit. You can find the inns easily by looking for beacons at night.

Treasure Hunters can only be found on Desert Islands and require simply finding and turning in a buried treasure on the same island as the Treasure Hunter.

The Huntsman can only be found on Jungle Islands. A Huntsman can relocate around the island if the player is reloading the map/save. The Huntsman also requires certain quests to be finished before he can be traded with, but he have limited stock to sell, and mostly trade in Tiger Fangs.

The Fisherman is also only found on Jungle Islands, but does not start to appear until the player finishes all quests from the Huntsman. Little is yet known of the fisherman.

Quest Givers Edit

Merchant Quests Edit

Treasure Hunter Quests Edit

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Fisherman Quests Edit

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