Sailing Raft
Common Boats

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{{{DrawSpeed}}} Draw Speed
{{{ArrowSpeed}}} Arrow Speed
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  • Cabins: 0
  • Size: Small
  • Speed: Slow (1,11 units/min)
  • Set Bonus: (1/{{{SetSize}}})
    {{{PhysicalArmor}}} Armor
    {{{Weight}}} Weight
    Used to create: {{{Creates}}}
    Contains: {{{Contains}}}
    Crafted By: 7 Wood Log, 2 Cloth Swatch
    Author: {{{Author}}}
    Merchant Sells: never
    Source: {{{Source}}}
    Drops: {{{Drops}}}
    GoldCoinMiniIcon {{{SellsToMerchantPrice}}}

    A Sailing Raft is a common boat in Salt, and is the first type of boat the player can craft out of all the boats.

    When starting a new game, the player will find a chest on the beginner-island that contains vital parts of crafting the raft, but requires to obtain a couple of more Wooden Log to complete the crafting list.

    How to steer Edit

    The boat is steered by a rudder. The boat is noted in being somewhat difficult to learn to steer with, as it is also steered by motion of waves. When the raft is placed, the rudder is at the most straight angle, meaning it will go straight forward when the sail is up.

    If the player faces the rudder and twist it to the right, the boat will move left. Opposite way turns the raft right. The more the rudder is twisted from it's original position, the faster the raft will turn.

    Tip: Start by moving the rudder slowly to either side with the sail up, but not too much. Easy does it.



    • The player can steer without having to face the rudder, by moving backwards into it until they are in the middle of it and then facing forward towards the sail.
    • The player can also power the raft by wiggling the rudder left and right rapidly to move forward. Increase "wiggle" speed to increase raft-speed.


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