Sea Hunter
uncommon NPC

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The Sea Hunter is an uncommon merchant NPC in Salt that spawns on Uninhabited Islands next to a campfire, making him easy to spot. He offers the player to join the Sea Hunter's Guild - a group of mercenaries reformed to hunt pirates - through a series of quests. Depending on the player's progression through the quest line, the Sea Hunter will sell them various unique items related to the guild.

As with other friendly human NPCs, he is immune to all forms of damage.

Because the Sea Hunter is also a Vendor, he will buy any items off the player for Gold.

Quests Edit

  1. Captain's Charm
  2. Betting On A Battlemaster
  3. In Search Of A Spider
  4. Pursuit Of A Poacher
  5. Master Of The Sea

Wares Edit

Depending on the player's progression through the quest line, the Sea Hunter will sell them various unique items related to the guild. Each group of items is only available after the player has completed the appropriate quest.

Upon completing Captain's Charm:

Upon completing Betting On A Battlemaster:

Upon completing In Search Of A Spider:

Upon completing Pursuit Of A Poacher:

Upon completing Master Of The Sea:

Upon turning in 7 Sea Hunter's Token:(random)

Dialogue Edit

Alongside quests, the Sea Hunter can tell you about the Sea Hunter's Guild.

About the Sea Hunters


So you'd like to learn a little about the Sea Hunter's Guild? Very well then.

The Sea Hunter's Guild has been around for quite some time. Our history is filled with both pride and embarrassment unfortunately. We started out as a band of mercenaries, merely killing or hunting folks as we were hired to do. We weren't much of a guild back then but did we have brothers and sisters in arms whom we trusted.

Overtime we got tired of working for others and killing simply for coin. We had skill, true. You could hardly find a group of fighters more skilled than us. We had warriors, hunters, assassins, you name it. We knew we couldn't simply throw our skills away so we decided to form what is now known as the Sea Hunter's Guild.

Once the guild was formed, we were no longer simply a group of mercenaries. Now we existed with purpose and meaning. We would protect the innocent and dedicate our cause to bringing down the injustice in the world. For a price of course.

And so here we are today. Our numbers haven't grown much but this is not due to misfortune. We are very picky about who we let into the guild.

We have three simple rules at the Sea Hunter's Guild:

A Sea Hunter will never run from battle.

A Sea Hunter will always give their life for his fellow man or woman in arms.

A Sea Hunter will never turn down coin.

It's that easy really. So, think you have what it takes?

History Edit

  • Introduced in Update 1.9.2 Echoes of the Past

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