Sea Scholar
uncommon NPC

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The Sea Scholar is an uncommon Vendor NPC in Salt that spawns on Uninhabited Islands next to campfire, making him easy to spot. He offers the player to join the Sea Scholar's Guild - a group of people obsessed with the collection and research of any form of knowledge - through a series of quests. Depending on the player's progression through the questline, the Sea Scholar will sell them various unique items related to the guild.

As with other friendly human NPCs, he is immune to all forms of damage.

The Sea Scholar will buy any Book for 1 Sea Scholar's Token. Every 7 of these tokens can be redeemed for a random selection of various items. Because the Sea Scholar is also a Vendor, he will buy any items off the player for Gold.

Quests Edit

  1. Turtle Theft
  2. Poem From A Pirate
  3. Bring The Bookmark
  4. Ship Building
  5. Philosophical Pursuit

Wares Edit

Depending on the player's progression through the questline, the Sea Scholar will sell them various unique items related to the guild. Each group of items is only available after the player has completed the appropriate quest.

Upon completing Turtle Theft:

Upon completing Poem From A Pirate:

Upon completing Bring The Bookmark:

Upon completing Ship Building:

Upon completing Philosophical Pursuit:

Upon turning in 7 Sea Scholar's Token: (random)

Dialogue Edit

Alongside quests, the Sea Hunter can tell you about the Sea Scholar's Guild.

About the Sea Scholars


If you're taking an interest in the Sea Scholar's Guild, I suppose I should give you some more information about us.

We Sea Scholars take the pursuit of knowledge very seriously. It has always been our goal to obtain as much knowledge as possible about our world, the people in it, and any and everything that could further the advancement of truth.

If you plan on being a member of the Sea Scholar's Guild, you will need to continue your pursuit of knowledge daily. This means should you find new books or texts, you should honor these, read them, and consider donating them to the guild for further research.

That about sums it up for the Sea Scholars. I do hope you enjoy being a part of the guild.

History Edit

  • Introduced in Update 1.9.1 Sailor's Delight

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