Sea Treasure Cache
uncommon Container
A small waterlogged cache of treasure.

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GoldCoinMiniIcon 25

The Sea Treasure Cache is an uncommon container, acquired only via the Grabber.

Around the sea of Salt, large glowing spots can spawn. These are sign of a Sea Treasure Cache beneath the sea. The only way to obtain them is by acquiring the Grabber from the Sea Treasure Hunter.

Once the player has the Grabber, they must position it so that it reaches over the side of their ship. The Grabber cannot be placed on the Sailing Raft or the Small Sailboat. To successfully fish up a Sea Treasure Cache, the player must sail their boat so that their Grabber is directly above the glowing circle, and use it.

Its rarer equivalent is the Large Sea Treasure Cache.

Contains Edit

Apart from 1-3 Sunken Coins and 20-40 Gold Coins, which the Sea Treasure Cache will always contain, it also has a chance to contain the following:

History Edit

  • The Sea Treasure Cache was added in Update 1.9.5 Birds of Paradise

Gallery Edit

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