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The Innkeeper notices you have a Piece of Eight in your inventory when you talk to him.

Objectives: Return seven "Piece of Eight" to the Innkeeper.

Reward: The White Narwhal (Pardon Pusher variant)

Description: In this quest, the Innkeeper talks about how the Piece of Eight is a form of pirate currency, and a pirate whom wants to do buisness with him only deals in Piece of Eights. He asks for you to return seven of them to him, and as a reward, he will give you one of his ships that he obtained, the White Narwhal.

Walkthrough: The Piece of Eights can be found while looting the bodies of the various pirates you encounter. They will be found on bodies at random, and are indeed, a bit on the rare side! So one will expect to kill many pirates in order to obtain all the pieces. 

Trivia Edit

This may be a reference to the nine pieces of eight in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. 

Gallery Edit

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