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Objectives: Obtain one Shark

Reward: Spinning Bucktail Lure (consume chance 4%)

Description: Hello there! You wouldn't happen to have caught a shark recently have you? I've been trying to perfect this recipe for a lovely tasting soup, but I'm in need of some shark meat. If you catch a shark in your travels, do you think you could bring it to me? I just know this will be my best soup yet! I've been trying to catch one myself with my new lure. It's supposed to be good for those deep-sea fish, but I haven't had any luck with at. You can have the lure if you bring me a shark. 

Given by merchant at location (w. default seed):

0E / 2N, 3E / 9N, 5E / 4N, 6E / 6N, 10E / 12S,

10W / 26N, 29W / 23S

Walkthrough: Sail into the ocean and use bait fish to attract the shark

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