Stalkers of the Jungle
Common Lore

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{{{DrawSpeed}}} Draw Speed
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{{{Food}}} Food
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{{{Weight}}} Weight
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Author: Unknown
Merchant Sells: never
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Death is a near certainty for those that encounter the tigers that lurk deep within the jungles. These beasts are faster, stronger, and more deadly than any man. Unlike other wildlife, a tiger will kill you simply for sport, rather than for survival.

The best way to deal with a tiger encounter is to avoid it all together. However, if you so find yourself inclined to venture into the jungle, then at least arm yourself with some good gear. Tigers are fast and have deadly attacks, therefore you need to kill it as quickly as possible. If you can get the jump on the tiger, you'll have a slight advantage. Be sure and listen for it's growling while it roams and you might find him before he finds you.

You'll also likely want to use two weapons. First, you'll need a bow. Your goal should be to land as many arrows in the beast as possible before he reaches you. If you're lucky, you'll kill him before his fangs rip open your throat. If you see that he's closing in and doesn't look fatally wounded, you'll need to ready some sort of melee weapon and be prepared to block or dodge. At this point all you can really do is hope to get as many blows in as possible before he rips you to shreds.

Oh, and another thing. There are varying types of tigers, some more difficult than others. So keep an eye out.

Trivia Edit

  • The book mentions various types of Tigers. It may point to Luthor as well.

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