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Find and return the Sea Fisher's Orange Lure to the Sea Fisher.

Reward: Edit

Access to new gear sold by the Sea Fisher. This new gear includes...

Fisherman's Brew

Purple Fishing Lure

Blow Absorption Oil

Description:  Edit

You did good catching the sea bass. Now I need you to do something a little more...hands on. We Sea Fishers generally tend to avoid violence when possible. However, we've recently had our stash of lures ransacked by a band of pirates. They made off with some valuable lures. One of those lures was a personal item given to me by someone I once loved. I want that lure back.

It's an orange lure and I'm sure if you search some low level pirates you are bound to find it. Bring it back to me and we'll talk more gear.

Location:  Edit

Seems to be found on any normal pirate.

Walkthrough:  Edit

Find and defeat pirates until the lure is found and then return it to the Sea Fisher.

*Information based on version 1.9.1

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