Tales of Luthor is a rare book in Salt. It can be found on dead poachers.



Every man has something that he fears. A gripping, immobilizing fear that haunts his dreams and calls to him even during the day. A fear that keeps a man safe within his walls, afraid to venture into the darkness. For many men, this fear is rooted in the name of only one creature, Luthor.

Luthor is known among the people as an ancient tiger that stalks the jungles of his land, in search for anyone he can devour. Stories of Luthor speaks of fangs long as a man's arm and eyes that pierce into the soul. They say when he looks at you, it is death itself staring into your eyes. Many men claim to have caught a glimpse of Luthor, but none who have attempted to slay the creature have returned.

Not much is known about Luthor. Rumors of his existence have been around for centuries and have been passed down through generations. Tales of his evil are told to children at night as bedtime stories, meant to keep them from venturing into the woods.

Some do not believe in such a beast. Many claim it is a myth meant to keep people from hunting the tigers. Even so, all have heard the tales and feel some sense of fear when his name is spoken.

Perhaps Luthor is real. Perhaps he is a myth. Nevertheless, if you find yourself wandering the jungle at night, be wary. Unless of course you are sure the tales are nothing but fantasy. But I suppose the really is the question isn't it?

Do you believe?