The Cursed Skull: Vol 3
Uncommon Lore Book
An old dusty book.

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The Cursed Skull: Vol 3 is an uncommon item that drops from Pirates. It contains some interesting Lore.

The Cursed Skull has 5 volumes


The Cursed Skull: Vol 3

Entry 5

The room was in the shape of a large square. The walls reached as high as twenty feet yet I felt trapped. Directly in front of me was a small set of stairs with two large pillars on the left and right side. At the top of the stairs there lay a giant slab that looked almost like a table. As I made my way towards the table, I noticed the blood. Splattered across the slab was the blood of some poor soul. I couldn't tell exactly how long the blood had been there, but it didn't appear to be very old. My pulse quickened and I felt an insatiable urge to leave this God forsaken place.

I quickly turned around and was heading towards the exit when I heard something odd. It sounded as if the stone in the walls were scraping against each other.

The sound reverberated throughout the room sending chills down my spine. Looking around I noticed that behind the table was an opening in the wall. That's strange. I didn't recall seeing that before. With my sword ready I approached whatever fate lay ahead. As I looked closer towards the hole, I noticed something inside. It was a skull!

Entry 6

The skull resembled the one I had seen etched into the entrance of the ruin, though this one appeared to be real. I couldn't take my eyes off it, and I seemed to be drawn closer and closer to the object with every breath.

It was at this moment I made a decision that would ultimately lead me down a path I never wanted to go.

With a trembling hand, I reached out and grabbed the skull from its holding place. As I stared into the eyes of the skull, I felt...evil. Suddenly I found myself fastened to the object. I wanted to throw it on the floor and flee but I could not loosen my hands from this cursed artifact! With each pulse I could hear my heartbeat growing louder and throbbing against my chest.

My world went dark.


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