The Cursed Skull: Vol 4 is an uncommon item that drops from Pirates. It contains some interesting Lore.

The Cursed Skull has 5 volumes


The Cursed Skull: Vol 4

Entry 7

When I awoke I found myself very disoriented. How long had I been out? As I regained my focus I realized I was stuck. I could not move my body and I seemed to be fastened to a table. It was at this moment that I realized where I was.

I was tied down to the very table I had seen before! The one that had blood spilt all over it. If this was the same table, then that meant this was the same room. Though this time it appeared...different. The room didn't seem as old as it was before. The torches on the walls were freshly lit. The stone seemed less aged than it did before. What dark magic was at work here? My thoughts were suddenly interrupted when I heard chanting coming from down the hall.

I began to notice light from a flame dancing across the corridor leading to my prison. Someone was coming!

Entry 8

With all my muscles I pulled and thrashed at the bindings, trying to free myself before my captors arrived. No matter how hard I pulled I could not budge the ropes. I began to panic. The chanting was growing louder and I could hear that they were close. I knew I at this moment that I had no choice but to face whatever fate was laid upon me in the upcoming moments. My fears were suddenly realized.

Out of the corridor came a group of what appeared to be natives. They were clothed in only a cloth around their waist and disturbing masks most likely representing their gods.

As I looked on with fear, I noticed the light flickering off a dagger that each one of them carried. Was I going to be sacrificed? They slowly approached the table on which I was fastened, never halting in their chants.

I could not see their faces due to their masks and so could read no emotion, though their intentions seemed malevolent.

Forming a circle around me I counted six of them. Two at each side and one at the ends of the table. Their chanting grew louder as they slowly raised their daggers with both hands, gazing upon their offering. This was it. I was about to die. I looked on in panic and felt my life flashing before my eyes. There was no way out of this situation. My time had come