The Cursed Skull: Vol 5 is an uncommon item that drops from Pirates. it contains some interesting Lore.

The Cursed Skull has 5 volumes

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The Cursed Skull: Vol 5

Entry 9

The pain come suddenly in my gut as I felt the blade pierce the flesh. I cried out in agony but the cries only fell to deaf ears. These people had no interest in my survival. After a few moments of what felt like fire in my stomach, my world began to grow cold. I felt the room become swallowed by darkness and everything went quiet.

Entry 10

When I awoke I was outside the temple laying in the woods where I had been before. My world was slowly coming into vision and I could see the skull that was outside the entrance looking down on me. Something felt different. I heard a bird chirp to my right and when I turned my head what I saw next I could not explain.

The trees now appeared completely different. Instead of their normal lush green color, they were red and almost appeared to be on fire. The grass was the same. It was as if the whole island had been transformed! Something wasn't right. This was the same island I had been on before. How could it be so different now?

As I stood up I felt a pain in my gut. I looked down to see a scar where I had previously been stabbed by the natives. This made no sense. I had to find answers. I had to find out the truth.

Entry 11

It's been years now since the event and I feel no closer to the truth then I did that day. All I have are questions and yet the answers seem to elude me.

I'm writing this story in hopes that someone else may experience this and come to know that they are not alone in this story. If you do have this happen to you, I pray that you find answers to your questions. Until then, I will continue to search and I will continue to hunt for the truth behind this mystery.

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