The Dark Deer is one of the quests given by the Merchant. He asks you to hunt a black deer and return its pelt.

Dialogue Edit

The Dark Deer


Are you plagued with the inability to sneak around properly at night? Well, you've come to the right merchant! It just so happens I am an expert in the ancient art of hood crafting. For the steal price of just 99 gold, I will custom craft one just for you! Let me just grab... Uh oh. We have a problem, my friend. I'm fresh out of black deer pelts. I'd hunt for them myself, but, you see, I have a wee case of arachnophobia, and black deer are generally only active at night along with... *the merchant shudders*. Anyway, I'll cut you a deal if you can supply your own black deer pelt. Half price! Only 49 gold for your very own custom crafted black hood!

Walkthrough Edit

You need to find a Black Deer Pelt. The best way to find one is to kill and loot a Black Deer. Those only spawn on uninhabited islands at night and can be difficult to kill due to their fast speed. The black pelt can also be rarely dropped by poachers.

Once you've found the pelt, return it to the merchant to complete the quest.

Reward Edit

Default seed coordinates Edit

  • 49W / 3S