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Objectives: Obtain and return 1 Black Deer Pelt to the Merchant

Reward: Assassin's Hood

Description: "Are you plagued with the inability to sneak around properly at night? Well you've come to the right merchant! It just no happens I am an expert in the ancient art of hood crafting. For the steal price of just 99 gold, I will custom craft one just for you! Let me just grab... Uh oh. We have a problem, my friend. I'm fresh out of black deer pelts. I'd hunt for them myself, but, you see, I have a wee case of arachnophobia, and black deer are generally only active at night along with... *the merchant shudders*. Anyway, I'll cut you a deal if you can supply your own black deer pelt. Half price! Only 49 gold for your very own custom crafted black hood!"

Location:(needs information)

Given by: Merchant


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