The Loony Light is a quest given by the Merchant. He asks for items only found at night.

Description Edit

Obtain 1 spider silk, 3 nightvigor flowers and 5 moonrock ore shards. Deliver the items at night to a merchant.

— Journal

Walkthrough Edit

First, talk to the merchant:

The Looney Light


Greetings my future acquaintance! Hath thou lost thine light? I certainly hope not. For when the darkness falls, none of us will see! Not those with eyes like yours at least. But do not fear! I have the very thing you need. All our eyes will be bright again. But first you must face the darkness that blocks your path. Open the door to the home that is night and walk in without taking off your shoes! As you enter the blind abyss, could you gather use some items? I require a spider silk, three night vigor flowers, and five moonrock ore shards. Bring me those only at night, and I will show you the light.

This Merchant requires items which can only be obtained at night:

Return to the Merchant who gave you the quest during the night to turn in the items.

Reward Edit

  • Lantern (shines brightly at night)

Default seed coordinates Edit

Merchants that give this quest can be found at the following locations with the default seed:

  • 8 East, 9 South
  • 16 East, 39 South