The Skull Ring is a quest given by the Island Outfitter. He will ask to find the Skull Ring and return it to him.

Description Edit

Find the ring on a Pirate King Settlement and either return it to the Innkeeper or the Outfitter.

— Journal

Walkthrough Edit

To start this quest, speak to the Island Outfitter and ask about his special inventory:

Ask about special inventory


Hmmm... a special inventory you say? I'm not sure what you speak of. And even if I did, why would I give them to you? Though, assuming I have this special inventory as you put it, perhaps you'd be willing to do something for me in exchange for a look.

You can then offer to help:

Offer to help


Alright fine. I do have a special inventory but these items have been banned from most merchant shops. Most of these items were obtained in... well let's just say they were borrowed without asking. At any rate, I would be willing to give you some of these wares but I'll have to do something for me first.
I want you to speak with a certain someone about an item knowns as The Skull Ring. Now, this person will likely act as he knows nothing of it. However, I happen to know a secret order he belongs to. If he believes you are a member of that order, he might be willing to loosen his tongue.

Finally, ask about the secret order:

Ask about secret order


The man I speak of is known as an Innkeeper in these parts. That much is common knowledge. However, most people don't know that he belongs to a secret group known as the Order of the Night. I don't know much about the order unfortunately but I do have a set of their garbs. If you wear them and speak to him, he might think you a part of the order and tell you what you need to know.
What I want you to do is take this set of clothes and wear it as a disguise. When you speak to the Innkeeper, ask him what he knows about the Skull Ring and its whereabouts. If you find that ring, bring it to me and we'll see about access to my special inventory.

The Island Outfitter will give you the Order of the Night Hood and the Order of the Night Robes. Now, you need to find the Innkeeper. Remember to wear the disguise or else you'll not be able to ask about the ring:

Ask about the ring


So you wish to know about the Skull Ring? I wouldn't normally speak with someone on such matters but it appears as though you are a brother in the Order.
The Skull Ring is actually a vital part of our order, though not many members know of it. It represents the bond and unity of our order and is kept safe by the High Priest. Strangely the ring went missing recently. Our High Priest seems to think it was someone within the order, but I am of a different mind. I believe thievery such as this is the work of pirates.
I'm not entirely sure where the pirates have gone but I did find one clue: a crest. The design of the crest seems to match those likely residing on Pirate King Settlements. If I had to guess, I'd say the ring is on that island somewhere.
Perhaps check one of those settlements if you care to find it. And as a member of the order, I'm sure we could reward you with something for your efforts should you return the ring...

The Skull Ring can be found in Gold Pirate Chest located inside the pirate stronghold on Pirate King Settlement islands. Once you found it, you can choose to return it either to the Island Outfitter or the Innkeeper. The rewards will differ depending on who you choose.

Rewards Edit

If you choose the Island Outfitter, he will give you the Silver Cloak, Blacktooth's Helm and Blacktooth's Chestplate.

Turn in the ring


You've done well! I have a few items I can give you for your trouble. Here, take these. I think you'll find them quite useful.

If you choose the Innkeeper, he will give you the High Priest's Staff, the High Priest's Hood and Robe.

Turn in the ring


So you've found the ring? I am pleased you have decided to return it to the order. Here, take these items as a reward.