The Spider Queen is a quest given by the Merchant. It requires the player to kill a Spider Queen and bring him her fang.

Dialogue Edit

The Spider Queen


Hello Traveler! I wonder if you can help me? You see, I’m an alchemist and I’m working on creating a new batch of strong poisons to sell to some... ahem.. clients. However, to make this I’m in need of fang from the The Spider Queen herself. This will be no easy task, as she is a fierce foe. However, if you manage to obtain the fang and bring it to me, I will be able to make it worth your while.

Walkthrough Edit

The Spider Queen is a very rare creature that only spawns at night on uninhabited islands and ancient islands. The Queen will be surrounded by small spiders which will work as a distraction as well as the poison the Queen applies with every attack. If the player kills a spider, more will appear from under the queen. The Queen delivers some mighty blows and does some extreme poison applying compared to all other spiders even though she does not have a lot of Health herself.

Kill her and retrieve The Queen's Fang from her body. Return to the Merchant that gave you the quest and give him the fang to complete it.

Rewards Edit

Default seed coordinates Edit

  • 52E / 58S