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The merchant wants you to find and kill the Spider Queen and bring back her fangs.

Description: Hello Traveler! I wonder if you can help me? You see, I'm an alchemist and I'm working on creating a new batch of strong poisons to sell to some... ahem.. clients. However, to make this I'm in need of fang from the The Spider Queen herself. This will be no easy task, as she is a fierce foe. However, if you manage to obtain the eye and bring it to me, I will be able to make it worth your while.

Location: The spider queen spawns on uninhabited islands at night. (I found her twice on the island with the innkeeper at 6E, 8N default seed -Nafti)

Objectives: The Queen's Fang

Reward: Bow of Poison

Given by merchant at location (w. default seed):

4E / 10N, 4W / 29S, 7E / 25S, 31E / 42N, 2W /15 S

Spider queen locations:

47 East / 49 North, 40 East / 27 North, 48 East / 14 South, 1 West / 19 South, 8 East / 3 South

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