The Tiger is a rare enemy that can only be found on Jungle Islands. Even though tigers are considered very dangerous because of their fierce and rapid melee attacks, they are subjective to their bigger relative- Luthor. Battling a tiger is nevertheless not to be taken lightly.

Luthor and regular Tigers will only spawn once per island and will ragdoll when defeated. When a Tiger's Health is below 25%, it will flee and try to survive. It is surprisingly slow when running away from the player, and it is therefore possible to catch up with it.

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Trivia Edit

  • When Tigers are defeated, their corpse will not despawn unless the player travels so far that the island itself despawns/disappears.
  • Tigers will not run like other enemies if the player can not be reached untill a certain time. After (x) amount of seconds or damage taken, it will rather flee like the Deer and stop attacking the player, even if the player damage the Tiger.

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