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Treasure Hunter
Common NPC

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The Treasure Hunter is an uncommonly found Quest Giving NPC in Salt that exists on all Desert Islands. He is immune to all forms of damage and cannot be killed by anything.

Quests given by the Treasure Hunter is different from where you meet the Treasure Hunter. Here is a list of quests given by the Treasure Hunter:

Quests Edit

Trivia Edit

  • All of the Treasure Hunter's Quests require the player to search around the Desert Island that the Treasure Hunter is on and find Buried Treasure. The mound of dirt with a red X over it must be right-clicked with a shovel in hand to receive the Desert Island Treasure Cache which is turned in to the Treasure Hunter for a reward.
  • At times, the buried treasure is not covered with an "X" but slightly visible by a little round mound over it. The treasure chest is hard to spot, but besides the mound, it's the only visible sign.
  • Treasure Caches from other Islands can be used on a Treasure Hunter of the same island type (example: Using a desert island cache from a desert island at 12E 18S on a Treasure Hunter at 12E 10S) This allows you to hold onto a cache then use it when a Treasure Hunter has the appropriate quest for you or if you've used a cache from an island where a Treasure Hunter had a quest for you.

Default Seed locations Edit

10W 12N

1E 20N

3E 18N

12E 18S

12E 10S

47E 8N

Gallery Edit

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