The Treasure Hunter's Diary is a rare book that can be brought off from the Sea Collector for 3 Pirate Tokens. It is required in order to start the quest "In Search Of A Scimitar" by showing it to the Sea Collector.

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Entry 1

My search for the legendary scimitar grows closer everyday. It's ironic to think of my skepticism when I first heard of such an item many years ago. And to think... it is now within my grasp.

Entry 2

I've hit a few snags in my search recently but I'm working through them. Should have my hands on that blade within a few weeks now.

Entry 3

It would seem that... unforeseen circumstances... have slowed my journey for the legendary blade. I've come down with some sort of sickness that has all but left me for dead. I can barely get out of bed let alone go on some treacherous treasure hunt. I'm hoping to recover in a few days and get back out on the sea.

Entry 4

The disease or what have you that ails me doesn't seem to be loosening its grip. Rather it seems to be getting worse. I'm afraid my journey may come to an end sooner than I had hoped. Though it pains me to do this, I'm going to leave remaining instructions and everything I know about the treasure here in this diary. Maybe someone can pick up the torch and finish this course.

First, you are going to need to find two items: an ancient burial cloth and embalming agent. Embalming agents can generally be found at gravesites so look for a tombstone, do the dirty work of digging up the grave and see if you can find some leftover embalming liquid. As far as ancient burial cloth goes, my research tells me that there are these old stone chests surrounded by pillars. It is likely that a piece of burial cloth can be found in one of these.

Once you have both the cloth and embalming agent, you'll need to use the agent on the cloth to hopefully reveal the location of the scimitar. The language may be difficult for a commoner to read, so you might end up having to take it to a Scholar for decryption.

I'm sad to say this is the end of my journey. I truly hope you find what I spent so much time looking for. Best of luck to you, unknown adventurer.

— Balan