The Treasure Thing is a unique ship customization item acquired by completing the Sea Treasure Hunter's second task, which allows the player to located Cursed Sea Treasure Caches.

Utilization Edit

Using the Treasure Thing isn't as straight forward as the other two tools the Sea Treasure Hunter gives the player.

Depending on the player's distance from a Cursed Sea Treasure Cache, the orb atop the Treasure Thing will change color, varying from a pure black up to a bright red, indicating a cache is near. The radius at which the Treasure Thing detects a cache is ~20 nodes, so it can be relatively hard to located them. However, once the player is ~10 nodes away from a cache, the large pillar of light indicating its location should be visible.

The following is a somewhat inaccurate visual representation of the colours the orb can be and the distance to a cache.


Once the player is within ~4 nodes of a pillar of light, however, it will vanish, making Cursed Sea Treasure Caches a very difficult item to obtain. If the player manages to position their Treasure Grabber directly above one, they may use it to acquire the cache and loot its contents.

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