For the item, see Valtuila Lilly.

The Valtuila Lilly is one of the quests the player may encounter when talking to a Merchant. It involves finding and killing a unique pirate enemy, the Pirate Herbalist.

Dialogue Edit

Valtuila Lilly


Hello traveller,

I'm sorry I'm not in the greatest of moods. You see, every year I go to visit my mother's grave, rest her soul. And when I do, I bring her her favorite flower and place it at her tombstone. The problem is that over time these flowers have grown more and more scarce. I dare say you are lucky to even hear about one anymore!

The flower is called a Valtuila Lilly. They used to grow everywhere but for some unknown reason they've been fading out of existence. I did spot one recently however.

A pirate came by here to buy some goods and I noticed he carried one with him. He referred to himself as some kind of herbalist. I tried to barter with him and get him to sell me the flower but he refused. I must have irritated him because he ended beat attacking me, stealing half my things, and leaving me for dead.

If you come across any of these 'herbalists', perhaps you'd be willing to obtain a Valtuila Lilly for me? I've got a fairly valuable ring that I would be willing to part with if you do.

Walkthrough Edit

You need to find a rare flower, the Valtuila Lilly. It can only be found on dead Pirate Elite Herbalists found on Pirate King Settlement. Those islands spawns only past 30 units from the map's center and are filled with though pirates. Kill a few herbalists until you find the flower, then return it to the merchant to complete the quest.

Deliver Flower.


You are a life saver! Here, take this ring for your troubles.

Reward Edit

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