Venomous Barracuda
A highly venemous and rare fish.

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{{{Strength}}} Strength
{{{PoisonResistance}}} Poison Resistance
{{{Adornment}}} Adornment
{{{Food}}} Food
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Drops: {{{Drops}}}
GoldCoinMiniIcon 10

The Venomous Barracuda ia a very rare fish that can only be obtained on Jungle Islands. The player need to have the Gambler's Lure as bait, and have below 25% Health in order to catch this fish.

It can be used as a currency to buy the Fisherman's Vest of the Fisherman.

The Venomous Barracuda is not food, and besides being considered a currency, it can be used in crafting a powerful potion- Barracuda Venom.

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Trivia Edit

  • The Venomous Barracuda is know to be catched in Deep Water, using Tiger Guts and with full health. It's not known if this is a bug.*
  • A Venomous Barracuda can be caught around the Jungle Inslands shores using the Pink Fishing Lure with full health. It's either not known if this is a bug.
  • Can also be fished on a boat coasted at a jungle island with full health and Deer Guts at night (full moon).

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