Wetherby's Journal
An old and tattered journal.

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Author: Wetherby
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Author Edit


Text Edit

Entry 1

It's been three days. THREE DAYS, since I've had any sleep. The Captain has me sharing quarters with this imbecile named Nesbit. How he managed to get on the crew, I'll never know. Anyways I can't sleep because of his excessive snoring! Every night I lay down, shut my eyes, and hear the sound of a dying sea turtle next to my ear. I tried talking to the Captain about it but he'll have none of it.

Something has to be done, and soon.

Entry 2

I am officially at my wits end! Today I tried talking to Nesbit about the problem, asking if he would mind sleeping on his side or trading quarters with someone. you know what he said to me ? Stick some seaweed in your ears if it bothers you that bad. Seaweed ? Has he lost it!

I can't take this anymore. Nesbit deserves what's coming to him.

Entry 3

Well, I am happy to report that the Nesbit nuisance is no more. iIconjured an ingenious plan to get rid of him. in the middle of the night I snuck into the Captain's quarters and stole his stash of muffins. I then found Nesbit's bag and stuffed it full of all the muffins I could.

The next day we awoke to screams of agony. The Captain was furious, running around the camp yelling and cursing. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

I quickly ran to the Captain's side and mentioned the smell of muffins near our tent, that perhaps Nesbit had something to do with it. Without hesitation the Captain ran over to our tent and quickly discovered the bag of stolen muffins. With the satchel in hand he came out questioning Nesbit, Is this your bag? you should have seen Nesbit's face. He looked like a deer in [TO BE COMPLETED]

Entry 4

I am happy to report that the snoring problem is no more and I can finally sleep again. In fact, I've got the tent all to myself! The Captain saw fit to reward me for reporting the muffin thief. Ah, life is good is it not?

Trivia Edit

The book also has 2 empty pages at its end, probably because of a bug not allowing it to show the full 3rd entry of the journal.

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