This page is outdated, but we keep it to show how the wiki has evolved since 2014. -Wegeee

Greetings Salt Fans!

We here at ProjectSalt Wiki would like you, the community, to see what progress we've been making.

We have now about all the information on all pages needed corresponding to what exist in the game of Salt. Thanks to some amazing contributors out there, we think we know of everything that is to find in the game, and we therefore think everything is within the Wikia now!

However, there are still many pages in there that lacks the correct information, categories and pictures in those pages gallery. There are additional information which is not listed within certain pages which are considered vital, that should be added. If You have such information, please add it to the page that lack this.

Development list (Uncompiled)

Topic Done / Total %Complete Who Notes/Extra Info Date
All Items 360 / 362 99% Yngve90 06.03.2016
NPCs 31 / 31 100% 05.03.2016
Locations 8 / 8 100% Debateable 29.02.2016
Materials 56 / 56 100% 02.03.2016
Weapons 35 / 35 100% 01.03.2016
Armor 69 / 69 100% 29.02.2016
Lore 44 / 44(?) 100% Lore and books need to be

categorized in the same category.

Quests 0 / ? % 03.03.2016
Main Page 90% 02/19/2016

Color Codes:


We all have a passion for wikis and Salt. If you have a passion for Salt, we'd love to have your help on the wiki!

You can help by Edit

  • Commenting and leaving detailed information about an item we currently don't have a page for.
  • Creating pages for things that we don't have a page for (They should be red-linked)
  • Add pictures in a page's gallery! Gameplay pictures are the best way of giving trustworthy information.
  • Leaving coordinates to things in the comments section of a page.
  • Spreading the word on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, or some other social media outlet about our wiki. The more people that visit, the more likely someone will contribute.
  • Speculate on what some mysterious items do in the comments section of a page.
  • Being patient. Building a quality Wiki takes a long time and is completely voluntary. All of us have jobs outside the wikia.

If You contribute we can get this Wiki built much faster and you'll be able to say "I helped build the Wiki!"